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Attention Electrician!
Drop a couple of these Dynamic A90 Rollers in your toolbox today.
Tomorrow, when you have to push a Fish Tape through 4 ninety degree bends - NO SWEAT!

Fish Tape - Dynamic A90 Rollers


Slide, Resist & Drag Through Your Bends Or ROLL With The A90! You can avoid wasted time trying to push standard Fish Tape through several 90 degree bends in conduit (not to mention the damage and abuse your hands receive in doing so) by contacting us for more information on this amazing new device that, when attached to the lead end of your current Fish Tape, will double its efficiency. The ‘Electrician Friendly’ A90 is specifically designed to roll upon any contact inside the bend allowing you to push between pull points and is available in two different sizes. Give us a call or visit our website for complete details or to use our handy online order form.

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