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Phone: 770-505-4456 - (Cell - 770-377-0631
Contact: Greg Stockett

Why Buy More Equipment For The Water Damage? Rent Instead! We offer reliable, quality rentals at the price you can trust with delivery available to the jobsite. More business owners are realizing they can save money by taking care of a variety of unexpected mishaps - like water seeping into your building from outside or from broken pipes inside. Whether you’re one of these savvy business owners trying to save money by fixing the problem in-house or own a water restoration company and want to save money by renting the best equipment to give your customers the best results - you can count on us. You can rent from us at wholesale prices and save lots in terms of company expenses or increase your company profits. Our professionals will also offer the helpful advice you may need for proper structural drying. Give us a call for more information or visit our website for complete details. We also offer complete carpet cleaning, repair, and water damage restoration through our partner company Carpet Care and Beyond.

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