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Burglar Fire And CCTV Systems
DAS Security Systems Inc
Your Consumer Friendly
Security Company

Phone: 770-505-2444 or Cell 770-616-0342
Contact: Astrid Chase or Earl Droney

NEVER BE "LOCKED IN" AGAIN! After thirty years in the security business. we've learned what customers want in a security/burglar alarm company. It is your right to expect prompt, professional service, someone to answer when you call with questions, problems, etc., and reliable, UL listed monitoring with NO CONTRACT. We do pre-wiring for new construction; fast, clean, professional installation and service for your home or business, and monitoring @ 16.00/mo. We also do Cell Back-up and CCTV, and give a full, one year warranty on all new systems. Give us a call and ask about joining our growing " family" of happy customers!
Yearly Sponsor since Thu Jan 20 17:58:22 EST 2005

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