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Martial Arts
American TaeKwon Do
8889 Highway 5
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Phone: 770-942-0227
Contact: Mark or Gale Maske

Building Winners In Life! Emphasizing physical, mental, psychological and moral development, American TKD stresses a family atmosphere and promotes Taekwon Do (a Korean form of Martial Art) as a family endeavor. Children can learn self-discipline, patience, respect, structure and acquire a better understanding of the desire for academic success. Adults can strengthen their self-discipline and improve their self-esteem while getting into shape. There are also numerous physical benefits including increased flexibility and increased strength, improved cardio vascular, hand/eye coordiantion, reflexes and more. We offer a variety of classes for different age groups as well as an After School Program and Summer Day Camp. Visit our website for complete details and class schedules or give us a call and make an appointment to tour our facility and meet our experienced instructors.

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