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Vending Services
Southern Sweets Vending Service
178 Gilberts Way
Temple, Georgia 30179
Phone: 770-846-3244
Contact: Mandy Perkins

Providing The Answer To Your Vending And Refreshment Needs. We understand the challenges businesses face with todays hectic lifestyles and schedules. That's why our goal is to provide prompt service and exceptional quality as well as contemporary style in candy vending machines for all types of businesses. We offer an assortment of nationally known candies and nuts which are sure to suit a diversity of tastebuds. If you're tired of empty vending machines, stale products and poor service give us a call. We will help you analyze and understand your specific needs and provide the right solution for you, whether you have one location or many sites around the Metro Atlanta area.

Yearly Sponsor since Thu Nov 11 12:02:01 EST 2004

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