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Carpet Cleaning
All Star Chem Dry
Prompt Service At
Competitive Prices

Phone: 770-443-1800
Contact: Shelly

Get Your Carpet Cleaned For Free!!!
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A Better Way To Clean And 'Rejuvenate' Your Carpets, Upholstery And Drapes! Safe for children and pets, our method of cleaning is guaranteed to bring you the best possible results for your carpet, upholstery and drapes. This exclusive system uses two environmentally safe, non-toxic chemicals which are heated and mixed at the point of contact, then immediately carbonate - forming an effervescent action. Dirt 'explodes' from the carpet fibers and is instantly removed, leaving your carpets clean and revitalized. Your carpets dry in two to four hours, eliminating the possibility of bacteria growth, mold, mildew and decaying of the fibers. We offer DuPont Stain Protectant, free estimates, fully trained technicians and accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We are also happy to give you free advice on the phone and even come out on emergency calls. Call now for more information or an appointment or visit our website for complete details.
Did You Know?
The EPA now recommends carpeting for a healthy home. Eliminating ALL carpets in the home can cause too many particles to be suspended in the air, aggravating asthma and other allergic conditions. Carpeting acts as a "sink" to trap airborne dust and dirt particles. If you pull up carpeting and see sand or dirt trapped underneath--the carpet did its job!

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