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Anderson Specific Chiropractic
1099 Merchants Drive (Across The Street From The Paulding Plaza Movie Theater.)
Dallas, Georgia 30132
Phone: 770-443-4225
Contact: Dr. Mike Anderson

What Is Specific Chiropractic And How Can It Help Me? -- The brain Stem is one of the major control systems for the entire body and nerve interference to this vital area can cause many health troubles. Specific Chiropractic is the removal of interference to the Brain Stem with the sole intent of restoring normal functions to the body without the use of drugs or surgery. This will assist your body in achieving its fullest health potential! Our instrumentation will tell us if we can help in your case. We have had success with many conditions such as these: * Auto Accident & Injuries * Multiple Sclerosis * Ear Infections * Back / Neck Pain * Depression * Sinus Trouble * Hyperactivity * Bed Wetting * Vision Trouble * TMJ * Respiratory Disorders * Carpal Tunnel * Headaches * Arthritis * Stomach Trouble * Menier's (Vertigo / Dizziness) We are accepting new patients with all conditions (all ages welcome).

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