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Ear Candles
Bee Hemp Ear Candles
Natural Products That Promote
Health, Wellness And Cleanliness
Phone: 770-443-5305 or 800-581-1128 (Code 00)
Contact: Kathy

For those returning to a more natural way of life! Ear Candling (also called Ear Coning) is an ancient healing method originating in Egypt which is rapidly gaining popularity today. This valuable home remedy is a natural, safe and effective way to clear ear canals of wax build-up and can benefit almost everyone, from infants to adults - from musicians to people who wear hearing aids! Using ear candles is generally more comfortable and less expensive than conventional ear cleaning where water is forced into the ear canal. In addition, those who use ear candles claim the warm smoke that the candle delivers to the ear canal is soothing. They say the process is relaxing and often results in a sense of clarity after candling. Contact us today for the very best in hand-crafted ear candles, tapered to precise specifications and made with a 100% Hemp Cloth and Beeswax/Soywax Blend. Our products are available for order by individuals or businesses. Give us a call or visit our website for more details.
Paraffin @ .99 each. Herbal, Lavender and 100% Organic also available

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