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Dekalb County Georgia consists of the following cities:
Avondale Estates (Referred to as “A Haven Of Health & Happiness” the city is busy revitalizing the downtown commercial core by restoring its visual appeal to attract a broader audience from the metro area.)
Chamblee (In Chamblee - a city of continuing transformation - the motto is "A City On the Right Track." The dynamic, ever-changing history of Chamblee sets a high standard for progress that is exciting for both residents and visitors alike.)
Clarkston (Clarkston has remained a small city with a small town feel which residents and elected officials alike have enjoyed and are content with. The railroad still runs through Clarkston today as a steadfast reminder of the cities historic beginning.)
Decatur (The county seat, Decatur is also the oldest city in Dekalb County. The Old Courthouse on the Square, is a restored 1898 courthouse that also houses the 1500 volume archives, a museum on DeKalb County and Civil War exhibits. Decatur also features the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University which houses wonders from the ancient civilizations to the art and architecture of the 20th century and is home to Agnes Scott College, Columbia Theological Seminary and the south campus of Georgia Perimeter College.)
Doraville (formerly known as ‘Cross Keys’, the community was later named for Dora Jack, daughter of a railroad official)
Lithonia (According to locals, Lithonia got its unusual name when, in the 1840's, a teacher instructing Greek in a local school combined the Greek words ‘Litho’ meaning rock and ‘Onia’ meaning place to create. Considering that East Dekalb area contains an abundance of Gneiss granite the community was aptly named. The nearby granite dome - Stone Mountain - is composed largely of a rock called Lithonia gniess.)
Pine Lake (Pine Lake was established as a city in 1937, after a short life as a subdivision with lots around a small fishing lake used mainly as weekend retreats. Today, Pine Lake is known as one of the most neighborly of cities -- new residents are often told that when someone says, "Let me know what I can do to help," in Pine Lake, it's not an empty statement!
Stone Mountain (The town is named for Stone Mountain, the largest exposed granite dome in North America. Stone Mountain harbors plant and animal life found no other place in the world. It is also the site of a famous giant carving commemorating the military leaders of the Confederacy as well as a state park and museum, including a steam railroad. The north side of Stone Mountain is turned into a one million square-foot natural screen for the popular Lasershow Spectacular in the Spring, Summer and Fall.)
Tucker (known as Browning's District until 1907 when the Seaboard Line Railway acquired the railroad and named the town after an Officer of the company, Capt. Tucker.)

Today, DeKalb County Georgia is an ethnically diverse community that is a hub for education, the arts and more. DeKalb County is the home of Stone Mountain Park, a 3,200 acre educational, historical and recreational facility that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and hosted three Olympic events and various Olympic trials.

DeKalb is very accessible, with four major interstate highways and the most modern public transportation system in the southeast. Shopping in DeKalb includes five major malls, a variety of unique shopping areas and a world famous farmer's market. DeKalb has an international corridor which is home to a wealth of unique ethnic shops, markets and restaurants.

Mills and ginneries were vital to the county's early growth. This heritage lives on in the names of various DeKalb roads that once led to these mills such as Browns Mill, Evans Mill and Henderson Mill.

Come visit Dekalb - the most culturally diverse county in Georgia!

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